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Still here unlike many others

November 18, 2017
We are your reliable supplier of shredding consoles others come and go but our customers know they can rely on us!

Bins, Bins

May 16, 2015
Huge range and massive stocks
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UK Manufactured and Proud of it!

April 30, 2015
We just do not supply inferior goods everything we do comes with a 5 year guarantee that is why we are number one!!!
Tel 07729 630054 for more information on our confidential containers.  
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Confidential Containers

January 29, 2015
We are the leading suppliers of confidential containers, secure bins and shredding consoles.
Huge range of colours and finishes available
Call 07729 630054 for more information 
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Happy New Year

January 1, 2015
Happy New Year to all our customers old and new
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Lockable Bins

November 10, 2014


Lockable bins are standard waste recycling bins that help in keep confident information prior to safe disposal. Following the Data Protection Act in 1998, lockable bin has been the acceptable method to keep confidential information safe. For instance, important financial details and personal contact details can be kept in lockable bins, instead of carelessly dumping them in ordinary bins.

According to the Data Protection Act, offices must have a regulatory...

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Confidential Containers

October 6, 2014
We have fantastic deals on our confidential containers call us on 0161 241 2762 or visit
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Confidential Waste Bins

August 24, 2014

In the UK today data protection for businesses is absolutely crucial with fines for breaching the Data Protection Act now increased to £500,000. Plus the breach is widely publicised in the press and on the internet. Companies that have been fined include many high profile organisations and hospitals but lots of small companies too!

Fortunately they are fairly inexpensive solutions available.

Having a proper system is the key to compliance. One of the best ways is to have a designated lock...

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What makes a good shredding console

August 23, 2014

What makes a good confidential paper shredding console?


Apart from obviously ours here are a few things that are important.

They need to be strong as we know in the real world that customers will put items on top of them such as printers, files and so on and these weights will be there for a long time. We only use 18mm wood as we know through years of experience that is the thickness required.

Ready assembled by professionals – flat packed is not an ideal option as they are security c...

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Office Recycling Bins

August 13, 2014

Looking for a great range of office recycling bins?


Call 0161 241 2762 or visit 

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