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Standard keyed high security lock provides increased security for all your sensitive documents.
All recycling containers and shredding consolesare fully assembled for immediate use.
Slim Jim Confidential Document Containers are ideal for placement under desks, nursing stations, and counters.

Shredding consoles/shredding cabinets are available in dozens of different colours and finishes to match customers existing office furniture or corporate colours. Tel 07729 630054 or email

We are extremely proud of our security based confidential containers and feel they tick all the “boxes” that our many customers are looking for! We do however often get frustrated when we are offered cheap imported consoles as we know when we reject them the budding UK based entrepreneurs will try and sell them direct we only wish they would speak to us before they buy a container of these units and at least we could advise them on not to waste their money! Call 07729 630054

We are a UK based leading manufacturer of all sizes of lockable wooden document shredding  consoles, security shredding cabinets and desk side shredding containers for the confidential document destruction industry in the UK and Europe.

We can and often  do - deliver direct to your customers including the siting of shredding consoles and lockable bins. 

This of course leaves you free to concentrate on your core business of shredding confidential documents.



                                                  Radium House, Bridgewater Road

Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 4LZ
Tel 07729 630054 or email

We are proud to be the market leaders in the supply of shredding consoles, lockable bins, lockable bins, shredding cabinets, wheeled bins,confidential waste sacks, Shredding containers, general office recycling bins, waste bins, office recycling bins and secure lockable bins in the UK.  Call the experts today!   Tel 07729 630054 or email