Shred it bins the perfect choice of confidential container

Shredding Consoles

You want to shred it but have not got time! Our shredding confidential containers are the perfect answer as they securely hold your no longer required documents until you have the time to shred them or call in a professional shredding company.

Over 40 colour/finish combinations of shredding console in stock. Call us for prices. 

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Our Commitment

We are without doubt the UK number one suppliers of shredding consoles, lockable bins and other types of recycling bins. We supply over 400 recycling and document shredding companies here in the UK and many hundreds in Europe, USA, Canada and even Bermuda. All our units are manufactured here in the UK to extremely high standards and come with a no quibble 5 year guarantee. All our units are fully assembled are ready for use.  

We are really proud of our confidential containers and feel they tick all the “boxes” that our customers are looking for! We do sometimes get frustrated when we are offered cheap imported consoles as we know when we reject them the budding entrepreneurs will try and sell them direct we only wish they would speak to us before they buy a container of these units and at least we could advise them on not to waste their money!

We know there are no short cuts as we supply hundreds of the document shredding companies and they buy every week so quite simply they need to be exactly the same quality all the time!

We know that it must be 15mm thick wood not 12mm

We know the board must be compliant and have the correct certification

The locks must have a keyed alike function

The hooks have to be very strong - paper is remarkably heavy!

The top must not be set inside the unit

And the list goes on and on!  Visit

Tel 07729 630054